Here's a small selection of our suggested walks;  the length shown is just a guide as each route can be shortened or lengthened to suit you (except where marked *).

Walk 9
Walk 9

 Our walks often follow tracks laid down many hundreds of years ago:    


 AS: Anglo Saxon (Wessex)
D: Ancient cattle drove track
ECW: English Civil War
IA/BA: Iron/Bronze Age
M: Medieval period
N: Norman Conquest
R: Roman Empire
Walk Name Miles History
1 Views of Old Sarum 6 D,IA, R
2  A Wake and a Crown  D, M 
3 Onto the Plain  6 IA, R, D, WW1 
4 Till Valley  7 IA, D 

The New Forest (Hampshire)


6 The Burial Mounds  8

 D, IA, R

7 The Wansdyke Mystery 10


Walk Name Miles History
8 The Roman Avenue  D,R, 
9 Up to the Ox Drove  AS,D,IA,BA 
10 The Jurassic Coast (Dorset)


11 The Water Meadows, Salisbury  3 * M, N  
12 Chalke, Cheese and Watercress  D,M,

A Stroll Around Wilton

3 AS
14 A day out in Bath  (Avon) 3 R, M